Housing Guide

Budget Considerations

How much can you afford to spend on housing? Ideally, you should spend no more than 1/3 of your monthly living allowance on rent and utilities. Note that commercial apartment managers require current evidence of income three times the price of the rent to qualify applicants. Sometimes, in cases where there is no credit or rental history, the landlord requires an additional guarantee.

The Renter's Question Guide (HTML format)

The Renter's Question Guide (PDF format)

You also may want to include Rental Insurance for the contents of your home

Inventory Checklist

The property owner or landlord may present you with an annotated inventory of the home/condominium and its contents. As soon as you move in, carefully review the inventory. Add notes to describe in detail, any and all damage to the home and its furnishings--any and all soil, chipped paint, stains, nicks, cracks, or loose fixtures. Photographs can also be used to record and document the items. If you are not provided a damage check/inventory list, make your own. Sign and date the damage checklist. Give it to your landlord and keep a copy. This list will be used upon termination of your lease to assess your responsibility for damage above normal "wear and tear" to the home.

School Information for Families with School-Age Children

Families with school-age children may want to chose a public school for any children five years old or older before they begin their housing search. Public school assignment in Austin is based, primarily, on areas of residence. Exceptions are based on individual circumstances. Consult the Office of the Austin Independent School District (AISD).

These websites identify the top schools in the Austin Independent School District (AISD).

The Texas Education Agency provides an overview of the most recent Accountability Standards. Round Rock and Eanes schools may be of particular interest to scholars who will be based at the J.J. Pickle Research Center, north of the main UT campus.

Admission to private day care centers, homes, and pre-schools is not restricted by residence. However, waiting lists exist for many of the private centers.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services provides a listing of schools and homes listed by neighborhood (zip code). General information about standards and selection of a program are also available at

Immunization compliance for schools and child-care facilities found at the Texas Department of Health at

Helpful Websites for Making Plans to Live in Austin

Austin Information

City of Austin- full listing of departments and services is available via the City Directory.

State of Texas, residents and visitors information


Bus Service - City of Austin Capital Metro

Texas Department of Public Safety - Vehicle Inspection Program

Texas Department of Public Safety - Driver's License Information

University of Texas Parking and Transportation Services