The Renters Question Guide

This guide will help you simplify and organize the information you need when
considering renting a privately owned apartment or home.

Rental Price

1) What is the rental price? _______________________________________________

2) How many bedrooms ____/ bathrooms ____ does your home/apartment have?

3) What utilities are included in the rent? How will we transfer the billing of excluded utilities to my name, when I arrive, and back to yours, when I depart?

___Central heat
___Garbage collection
___Other ___________________________
___Telephone service ___________________________

4) What amenities are available in the condominium complex?
___On-site laundry facility
___Community/Party Room
___Cable TV
___Exercise Room
___Ceiling fans
___Pest control service
___Children’s play area
___Bicycle storage
___Swimming pool
___Other ______________________________


5) How close is the University? ____________________________________________

6) How close is the nearest bus stop?
What bus routes service the area? ___________

7) Check the bus schedules:
Capital Metro Service University Shuttle Service

8) How close is a grocery store? ___________________________________________

Application and Lease Terms

9) How much is the security deposit? _______________________________________

10) Please leave references and instructions for appliance repairs and apartment/home maintenance? _______________________________________________________

11) If you want to bring a pet:
What is your pet policy? ___________________________

For children

12) What is the neighborhood school my child(ren) will attend? How near is it?
___Kindergarten and elementary school
___Middle school/Junior high school
___High school

13. Are their families with children nearby?

14. How near is a public park with playground facilities? _________________________

Additional notes